About Us

monkeyreader.com evolved from DiscoveryKidsBooks.com launched in 1998 and the much-loved Discovery Bookshop, founded in 1984, and once located in Downtown Philadelphia. This store received many kudos and was known for its customer-friendly service and a wide selection of books including a huge children's department.

Over the years, we have become more and more focused on the children's book market. One of the services offered by the store was the support of book fairs and fund raising events for schools, museums, and other child oriented institutions. Through these book fairs we found that people loved our books, the great selection, and our discount prices. Working with these organizations also helped to develop our sense of commitment to children’s literacy as we saw first hand the joy of children enjoying our books. monkeyreader.com grown from that endeavor.

Our online store DiscoveryKidsBooks.com was exclusively devoted to the dissemination of children's books. Based on feedback from shoppers, we realized that our customers’ would benefit most from a web site that offered one-stop-shopping for books, music, and video products for the entire family, and so the web site evolved into one that offers all of these products, while maintaining a large commitment to children’s literature and children’s literacy. Our commitment to children’s literacy is further demonstrated by our pledge to donate ten percent (10%) of our profits to non-profit children’s literacy programs and organizations.

monkeyreader.com is more than just a source for books, music and video. We believe we have created a site that is enjoyable, safe and educational. Our web site is guided by our lovable mascot, Captain Monkey Reader, who will be pleased to escort you through the site. In addition, there are educational features including a Parents and Teachers section that will highlight issues relevant to reading for children. The site also allows visitors to submit questions to our Reading Specialists to get personalized responses to concerns about children’s literature or book selection, and this is just the beginning. As we continue to grow we will strive to introduce new educational and family-friendly features. We at monkeyreader.com are committed to building the best, family oriented, book site on the internet, and this will only happen with input from the community. We value your thoughts, insights , and comments regarding individual titles and additions to the web site. So if you would like us to consider your suggestions please contact us.

monkeyreader.com's titles are picked by our experienced buyers who choose titles that are among the most credible, significant, and highly readable in the marketplace today. We are always searching for great bargains, emerging authors, and titles that we believe will be the most interesting and informative, providing the greatest value to our customers. We carry a wide range of books from bestsellers to bargain books, and our Children’s Recommended Reading section provides our top picks, by age group, to help you select the right books. These titles are constantly changing depending on what our buyers can locate in the marketplace, so please check the site frequently to find our recommendations, and bargain offerings.